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Considering exiting or expanding your pharmacy business? BuySell Rx specializes in maximizing seller opportunities while delivering optimal value for buyers. As your premier pharmacy brokerage and advisory firm, we offer expert guidance on pharmacy mergers, acquisitions and sales. With a focus on tailored solutions, we accelerate your path toward achieving personal, professional, and financial success. Whether you seek to buy, sell, invest, or collaborate, our team's expertise will help ensure your desired objectives. Benefit from our wealth of experience, track record of excellence, and extensive pharmacy network and database. Seize the opportunity to expand or exit on your own terms without delay. Take the first step today with BuySell Rx and transform your pharmacy aspirations into reality. We make pharmacy deals happen!

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About Us

BuySell Rx LLC is proudly based out of Dallas, TX. Founder and owner, Steve Rodriguez, PharmD, RPh, CM&AA, stands as a pioneering force in pharmacy, being the sole pharmacist nationwide holding the esteemed title of Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Advisor (CM&AA). With a wealth of experience as a successful pharmacy owner and advisor, Dr. Steve has a distinguished reputation for guiding pharmacies towards remarkable success. Renowned for his expert consultations and captivating speaking engagements with prominent healthcare organizations, he has been at the forefront of industry innovation. Notably, he made history by filling the first prescription for the ground-breaking Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company. Drawing from the sale of his own pharmacy at an outstanding 10X multiple, Dr. Steve shares his profound knowledge and expertise to empower his clients. With a relentless dedication to excellence, he is committed to propelling his clients to thrive in the dynamic world of independent pharmacy. Entrust Dr. Steve as your strategic partner to navigate the complexities of pharmacy transition and brokerage. Let BuySell Rx help you maximize your opportunity and accelerate your potential when it comes to exiting or expanding your business.



"Although we were still doing a lot of business, we were not cash flowing. We were losing money every month. We were in debt to banks, hard money lenders, and even family/friends. We were on the verge of bankruptcy nearing retirement. It was the most difficult and stressful time of our lives. Fortunately, we were working with Steve and he was able to sell our pharmacy putting an end to the nightmare and yielding a nice retirement for us. Thank you Steve!"


"We would like to take this opportunity to talk about our experience with Steve and the help, guidance, and advice we received during the process of selling our store. There were several obstacles during the process that Steve navigated for us like a true professional with sound advice and a cool head. Steve's guidance and "can-do" attitude were crucial to hitting our closing deadline. We can't thank Steve enough for his help and guidance with our transaction that has allowed us to transition out of pharmacy ownership in an equitable manner. We highly recommend Steve Rodriguez to any prospective pharmacy seller."


"I have known Steve as a colleague and friend for quite some time, having seen the way he ran his pharmacy and networked within our industry with a genuine interest in others, longing to see them thrive, I had no doubts he would excel in the pharmacy broker space. When circumstances put us in a significant bind, and we had very little time to operate to move one of our stores to an independent owner, Steve was my first and only phone call. He made an introduction to a well-vetted prospective buyer, helped hold their hand through the process, and did an outstanding job. I could not be more grateful to Steve for his help in transitioning the store via a win-win scenario; his authenticity also set us up for success and friendship with the buyer. Thank you Steve!"



Pharmacy Rockstar Podcast

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Get Ready to Rock!

Step into the world of pharmacy excellence with Dr. Steve, the engaging host of The Pharmacy Rockstar Podcast. Join him as he interviews industry leaders who are true "Rockstars" in pharmacy and beyond. This podcast is a must-listen for pharmacy professionals seeking valuable insights from top performers. Delve into discussions on business, best practices, trends, and entertainment, all while enjoying a rocking good time with the guests. Rock out with some incredible knowledge, entertainment and inspiration!

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Episode 1- Rockin' with Bruce Kneeland

Experience pharmacy success like never before with the legendary Bruce Kneeland in our first episode! Dive into his unparalleled insights and rock your pharmacy game like never before.Listeners will gain invaluable wisdom and actionable strategies to elevate their success to new heights.

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Episode 2 - Rockin' with Lisa Faast

Tune in to the exhilarating conversation with the remarkable Dr. Lisa Faast, a true "Pharmacy Badass," in our second episode! Discover the key factors that distinguish top-tier pharmacies and unlock the secrets to success that will propel your pharmacy journey to new heights. Get ready to be inspired and equipped with actionable insights.

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Episode 3 - Rockin' with
Rudy Sarzo

Get ready to ROCK your patients, employees, and business as you draw inspiration from the legendary vibrant Bassist rock icon, Rudy Sarzo! Known for his ageless iconic performances with the likes of Ozzy, Whitesnake, DIO, Blue Oyster Cult, and Quiet Riot, Rudy's passion will drive you towards massive success!

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Episode 4- Rockin' with Bled Tanoe

Bled Tanoe, the founder of #pizzaisnotworking movement, brought her unique and controversial perspective to the Pharmacy Rockstar Podcast, sparking thought-provoking discussions and challenging the status quo in the pharmacy world. Her bold ideas and unconventional approach such as the launch of The Pharmacy Guild (pharmacy union) promise to push boundaries and inspire listeners to rethink traditional practices. Tune in to uncover the insight shared by this captivating guest.

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Episode 5 - Rockin' with AJ Asgari

In today's fast-paced digital world, AJ Asgari, the visionary founder of Drugstore2Door, advocates for pharmacy owners to embrace the power of online presence. Drawing parallels to the rise and fall of Blockbuster in the face of Netflix's disruptive innovation, AJ stresses the importance of adapting to the changing landscape of the pharmacy industry. By establishing a strong online presence, pharmacy owners can connect with customers, provide convenient services, and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving market.

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Episode 6 - Rockin' w/
Jennifer Campbell
(MedsPlus Consulting)

Experience the brilliance of Dr. Jennifer Campbell, PharmD, DCES, an exceptional innovator and visionary who thrives on thinking outside the box. With a "do whatever it takes" mindset that sets her apart, Dr. Campbell's journey is a captivating must-watch for aspiring entrepreneurs. Prepare to be inspired and elevate your innovative spirit to unprecedented heights as you delve into her empowering story.

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